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The ‘Rules of Life’ is a book I often recommend to people. An International Bestseller!

1. Do you want to be happy?
2. Do you want a better work life balance?
3. Do you want to look back at your day, or even at your life and say “Made a Difference”?

Are you nodding?

Did you say Yes to 1, 2 or all 3 questions above? A must read book then!

I really like Richard Templar’s style of writing. You will smile when you read the book.

There are 5 sections in ‘The Rules of Life’ book.

1. Rules for You
2. Partnership Rules
3. Family and Friends Rules
4. Social Rules
5. World Rules

Each section is focused on a number of rules which make you think about yourself, how you deal with people you know and meet, and “our wonderful planet” (the last 3 words are quoted from the book).

There are certain words and positive messages in the book which really stand out and I often say myself.

– Be Positive
– Being Realistic
– Fun and Educational
– Giving Back
– How and Who you spend your Precious time with
– Team
– Treating all People with Respect
– We

Read ‘The Rules of Life’ book and you’ll soon realise the personality traits and values listed in the book cost you nothing.  Saved money – Wonderful! You will feel so much better and happier, and then you can make other people be happy!

The rules are good reminders to have. It’s up to you which rules you want to follow; eventually it may even become habit. I am sure you are already doing some things naturally.

Once you have read ‘The Rule of Life’ book, you may want to reflect back on what you have achieved in life and what’s your life purpose. You will find the right solutions – what makes you happy and ‘makes a difference’. You may even get some motivation to take action on your goals!

A big thank you to Richard Templar and to the people who I spoke to and liaised with at Pearson. All have been very helpful.

BOOK TITLE: The Rules of Life by Richard Templar
ISBN: 0-273-70625-X
PUBLISHER http://pearson-books.com

Positive 10/10

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